My v3 Ads | No Risk Plan
No Risk Plan price only 360rs only.

No Risk Star Garde Plan

First opening new user grade is OM (opening member).
OM user only daily 5rs ads view reward get.
OM member buy 360rs then OM user upgrade to BM (basic member) user.
BM user get SG (star grade).
BM user daily 7rs ads view reward get.
BM user(you) refer 3 friends and that 3 OM user when get BM SG (buy 360rs) then your get BM SG1.
Your now 3SG 1 SG1 user, so you get 15rs reward amount.
Following chat have full details.
only investment you 360rs only. and you daily 7rs view ads and refer to get more more revenue and gifts.
Note: You have to get 360rs value herbal face care pack = 1 also to your register home address.
So this No Risk Plan.

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Get Basic Member & Star Grade

Jest click buy now button and sent your dashboard screenshot images and your mobile number, user id and 360rs amount translation screenshot.

₹ 360